Hi, I'm Matt

And this is my corner of the web.

I live in Kansas and work for the Naval Research Lab in Washington DC.

I have extensive exerpience with Tor and privacy-enhacing technology. I do computer and network security stuff at work, and -- generally -- completely different stuff at home.

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Return of the Face

camaro cars
Mega progress weekend, with a primary focus on getting the front bumper mounted. We built brackets to mount the intercooler and radiator. We performed delicate surgery to the bumper to make room for our bracketing. The cold side is in place but is just tacked. We also mounted the transcooler and plumbed it.

20 psi of boost

camaro cars
Hacked in a boost controller. Applied the transbrake and set the 2 step to 4000 rpm. Built 20 psi of boost. Datalog

Conversion to Scalability

wsss nix
Welcome. You're here either because you want to build a scalable static site, or you don't. Locate a copy of your existing non-scalable static site. Its layout might look something like this (mine did): 1[pastly@home:~/src/my-first-website]$ tree . 2. 3├── blog 4│ ├── 1st-post.html 5│ ├── first-post.html 6│ ├── hello-world.html 7│ ├── post-1.html 8│ ├── test.html 9├── css 10│ ├── exploit-tor-browser-users.css 11│ └── style.ccs 12│ └── style.css 13├── index.html 14└── js 15 └── deliver-ads. Read more...

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