Electrical Catch Up

A lot of electrical work has been done since the February post. Here's a short summary begging for additional details. See the previous post for all the other updates.
The board we made a while ago for fuel pumps (x3) and radiator fans (x2). In the third picture you see its secure mounting location for about one month before we dig into electrical work even more.
As part of getting the rear bumper off for the kill switch (see previous post), we had to pull off the taillight housings. This was a good time to check and replace the burnt out bulbs.
I cut a piece of sheet metal to mount behind the dash to hold all the electronics. Here I'm sizing it up to make sure it will fit under the dash pad.
After a coat of paint, here it is getting progressively built out. Notice the small board from before rotated 90 degress and mounted in the middle.
The board fits behind the dash nicely. Just a few more wires to trim/tuck up, and the interior will look really clean. Also notice the buttons installed in the center of the dash where air vents used to be. Turns out an 8-wide button assembly fits perfectly in a 3rd gen Camaro center vent hole.
Lights are all wired up.

Matt Traudt (pastly)

Tech, Pets, and Vettes