Roll Cage, Torque Converter, and First Drives!

For the first time, the Camaro can be accurately said to be "done."
As soon as the torque converter came in, we slapped it on the transmission and shoved the transmission back up into the car. After adding ATF and checking some bolts, I was off for the very first time since buying the car over a year ago.
All there was to do then for a week or two was to wait for my brother in law to visit. He was a welder by trade and I invited him out to help install the cage. We had four days.
First thing before properly getting to installing the roll cage, the driver side floor pan needing replacing. This took a day.
On the second day we realized that the main hoop attaches to the car directly on these rusted out corners. So the entire (short) second day was also not roll cage, but rather patching these holes.
Finally we got to the cage on the third day. We got it fitted and 50% welded, then on the final day finished the welding and painted it. I had really slowed on the picture taking at this point unfortunately. But the cage looks great in gloss black, and there's a wonderful fine mist of overspray over the whole interior.
After welding in the under-seat tabs for the seat belts and installing the seat back braces, I took it for its first "real drive" to Mendards to return unused cage spray paint.
Thank you and for the help getting the Camaro to this point. I couldn't have done it without you. Up next ... alignmnent, rear tires, street tuning, fire extinguisher ... and so much more.

Matt Traudt (pastly)

Tech, Pets, and Vettes