It Chops (also trans, K member)

A little tune magic -- that also helps the car not let itself die when the fan kicks on -- and now it has a nice chop in its idle.
In frame: stupidly shaped intake piping just so we could build boost and hear boost noises. Just 2 psi as currently configured on waste gate at ~4000 rpm.
Here's another view of "just throw the pieces of the turbo kit together so that it technically works."
vroom vroom
I find this rocker idling away to be super cute. Can't explain why.
At the end here you can enjoy the Camaro's first turbo noises.
And this is what we were actually after in the previous video: combustion in the exhaust to build boost (and look cool)
In other news: the transmission is in! As is a torque converter. And related a pro tip: when you install your K member for "the last time," try really hard to ensure it's square with the car. Find a way. Because if you don't, you'll get the engine and its accessories installed, then the transmission bolted to it, and you'll be trying to get the transmission mounted to its cross member only to find its off by half an inch. The whole gawd dang assembly is crooked.
Hi mom. Hearing protection is readily available for all parties in the shop. Not everyone chooses to wear it every time. They should.

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