Preperation for a Tubular Front End

It's been a while because I've been distracted doing other home/shop improvement projects. Building a fence, trenching ethernet to the shop for an access point, and installing a mini split in the shop are the highlights. But I also ordered some parts and here and there have been stripping the front end down in preperation for the tubular front end.
Removing the front bumber fascia revealed the Camaro has been in a front end collision. The passenger side is crumpled. Luckily this is getting cut off and the frame doesn't seem affected.
I also ordered (and in some cases, am still waiting on) an entire rear end, K member, A arms, and manual steering rack. As a quick side project, I built a welding table. Also, omg two welders, the gas for them, and all basic the accessories. So. Much. Money. Just to get going.
This is how the car sits today. Steering rack removed. Sway bar gone. Fenders off to the side. My brother and I will be having a car hackathon here soon to get the tubular front end installed, possibly including pulling the engine.

Matt Traudt (pastly)

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