Engine Assembly 1

My brother (the one in the blue shirt here who you'll likely see a lot of since I'm the photographer for my own project) came over Friday night to work on the Camaro's new engine with me. I ordered a bunch of parts a week ago and they have all come in. New cam, valve springs, head studs, oil pan, and more. We made some good progress Friday, staying up till after midnight. His expertise -- having done three LS swaps in the past -- is invaluable.
Glamour shots of cleaned mating surfaces on block with studs inserted. We chased all the threads, and I'm glad we did: all of them were gummy.
Removing old piston rings and the setup for gapping new ones. Trigger warning on the janky angle grinder that no one would recommend. I cleaned the pistons a couple weeks ago and checked that all the rings would spin, and if I hadn't broken ONE ring during that process, probably won't be doing this today.
Pistons installed, now for the cam. After this we put the heads and valley cover on to mostly seal it and called it a night.

Matt Traudt (pastly)

Tech, Pets, and Vettes